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2019 Available Free Agents

All Free Agents are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Free Agents will be assinged to teams by the Front Office, and are available to all teams in a waiver wire process.   The waiver order will be sorted in reverse order of the previous seasons final standings.  Teams that have not met the minimum roster requirements will have Free Agents assigned to their rosters.  Free Agents can be added to team's rosters until the rosters have locked for the current season.

Please notify the League at   if you have any questions regarding this process.   


Name Phone Email Address Age in 2019 Positions Paid Assigned Team
Veterans Division (30+)    
Michael Sedore 860-235-2384 sedore62398@gmail.com 31 P, IF, OF Yes Marlins
Josh Capella 443-435-1176 capellajosh@gmail.com 33 P, C, 2B, SS Yes  
Matthew Atwater 443-500-3696 matt24eagle@icloud.com 46 P, 1B, OF Yes  
Steve Beck 443-271-9271 stevebeck2020@yahoo.com 41 1B, 2B Yes Marlins - PT
Tony Proctor 410-652-6274 proctorp7@gmail.com 50 1B, 2B, OF Yes Marlins
Josh Streett 410-937-3622 jstreett2020@yahoo.com 31 P, IF, OF No  
James Street 443-488-3029 jstreet1923@gmail.com 34 2B, OF No  
Aaron Waddell 410-802-8487 aaronwaddell@gmail.com 33 OF Yes Mariners
Matthew Szostek 443-794-1753 matt.szostek@gmail.com 30 2B, SS, 3B, OF Yes Mariners
David Watkins 410-499-1578 dwatkins125@gmail.com 31 C, 1B, 2B Yes Mariners
Mark Mitchell 443-564-0765 mmitchell@webgenx.net 36 P, SS, CF No  
David Galford 410-419-2626 daveg_26@yahoo.com 42 C, IF, OF Yes  
Weeknight League (30+)    
Brian White 410-382-5064 brianwhite1975@comcast.net 43 2B, LF, RF Yes  
Bryan Young 410-688-2203 youngmna5742@outlook.com 30 P, 1B, 3B, OF No  
James Franklin 443-553-8917 jimitrimi@yahoo.com 45 P, OF No  
Masters Division (40+)    
Robert Weaver 410-937-4756 wvuag1994@gmail.com 47 C Yes White Sox
Legends Division (50+)    
Paul Kelly 410-963-2461 tazthenut@gmail.com 53 2B, 3B, OF Yes  


Last Updated : 02/22/2019